Commercialisation of Sunflower Value Chain Project

Regions Covered:
Singida (Singida DC, Ikungi, Itigi, Iramba, Manyoni, Mkalama) and Manyara (Hanang, Babati DC, Babati TC and Kiteto) regions
No. of farmers targeted:
30,000 smallholder farmers (15,800 male | 14,200 female), including 5,000 Youth (3,000 male | 2,000 female)
Market Facilitator:
Farm Africa
Project Tittle:
Commercialisation of Sunflower Value Chain Project
Project Goal:
Enhancing collaboration across the value chain and pro-poor mutually beneficial contractual arrangements between smallholder farmers (SHFs), small-scale processors, and larger processors/buyers. The proposed project seeks to address the systemic challenges in the sunflower value chain which affect incomes for SHFs and business growth for the market actors

=>Agenda: Developing Sunflower value chain market systems 

AMDT awarded Farm Africa a USD 250,000 grant to implement this sunflower commercialization project in Singida and Manyara regions. This initiative is a continuation of partnership between both sides in the development of sunflower, the leading edible oil crop in Tanzania. The grant will facilitate execution of interventions up to the 2023 farming season in the two regions.

Systemic constraints in a number of market systems will be unlocked in the sunflower value chain, with one major focus being on the enhancement of collaboration across the subsector and facilitating pro-poor agreements between smallholder farmers, small scale processors and larger processors. These interventions are expected to provide increased and sustainable employment and income opportunities and impact the livelihoods of thousands of people.

As the lead agency in the project, Farm Africa will work with private sector actors and public sector institutions, including several banks. 

Proposed interventions

Empower stakeholders across the sunflower value chain especially productive smallholder farmers (SHFs) to benefit from increased income and employment through growing service and product demand within the targeted market systems through provision of experience-based technical assistance, performance-based business advisory services, and strategic capacity and resource investments.  

  1. Improving sunflower marketing and business growth among farmers and processors through better systemic planning, investment, and coordination
  2. Increasing sunflower productivity through market-led production among SHFs
  3. Enhancing access to services and products including inputs such as seeds etc
  4. Improving business transaction and relationship between Financial Institutions, Farmer Organizations and SMEs processors.