AMDT SUBMITTED the Report on policy and non-policy issues affecting the private sector in Dodoma.

AMDT SUBMITTED the Report on policy and non-policy issues affecting the private sector in Dodoma.

AMDT handled over the Report of study that aimed at identifying policy and non-policy issues that promote or hinder the development of Private sector in Dodoma Region. The  study  covered all district councils of Dodoma and involved discussion with District Business Council with the objective of gathering and analyzing key impending and constraining issues (policy and non-policy) at the district level that require in-depth dialogue for the betterment of business growth in each council

The Brief session that happened late evening around 5:30 pm was attended by the Regional Commissioner Hon. Rosemary Senyamule, Dodoma Regional Administrative Office (RAS), Mr. Kaspar Kaspar Mamuya, Aziza Mumba Assistant RAS Economics and Production, Mwajabu Nyamkoroma Assistant RAS investment and Trade and all members of the Management of the Dodoma Regional Commissioners Office.

Speaking after receiving the copy of the report Hon. Senyamule explained AMDT and Dodoma Secretariat have done a big thing, and it is great milestones towards addressing the barriers for the Private Sector in Dodoma to Flourish. She urged the Dodoma Region management team that the report is a working tool, and they should read and use it. This study is one of a kind and it has made Dodoma proud (mmeifaharisha Dodoma)

Hon. Senyamule also instructed Aziza Mumba Assistant RAS Economics and Production that as the result of the study she want to see changes in the situation of small business owners Dodoma, since the study has identified the obstacles and put forward the recommendations what can be done so that they can prosper.

The Regional Commissioner also appreciated AMDT and was grateful for AMDT’s readiness to work with Dodoma in improving lives of Dodoma Citizens.

Dodoma Regional Administrative Secretary   Mr. Kaspar Kaspar Mamuya was also proud of the report as it has highlighted other business opportunities in Dodoma which are not widely known as Dodoma being the leading Region in different types of Minerals available, Dodoma having tourist attraction and diverse opportunities in the Agriculture Sector.

Speaking on behalf of the Trust Mary Kalavo who is an associate for Gender, Youth and Business Environment when handling the Report, she highlighted that Dodoma is one of strategic Regions and AMDT has worked in Dodoma Since 2017 with different actors including NGOs, Private Sector, LGAS and farmers. AMDT has footprints in all District of Dodoma Region and we are open to continue engaging with the RC office so as to increase incomes, employment   and investment opportunities for people of Dodoma.

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