AMDT and Media engage in Learning Discussion

AMDT and Media engage in Learning Discussion
AMDT-Media Learning Event | AMLE2023

Background and context

AMDT facilitated a two-day learning workshop for media practitioners following a specific request by the participants for training on various technical approaches by AMDT in its market development work. The gathering was held in Dodoma City and attended by a 17-strong media team and AMDT Technical Staff.

This particular AMDT-Media Learning Event (AMLE) seeked to capitalize on the current Trust-Media collaboration momentum to address a crucial issue of media understanding and learning of AMDT’s approach and work in the agricultural subsectors. As a specific request and concern raised by the media through the Dar es Salaam City Press Club (DCPC), AMD hosted this forum to drive further AMDT-Media partnerships as the Trust gains traction with implementation of the new AMDT Strategy 2023-2026.

Purpose of the Learning Event

The main objective for this learning session was to enhance knowledge sharing between AMDT and one of its most strategic stakeholders, the media. Besides it being a platform to promote AMDT’s Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) approach, its investment and work in Tanzanian agricultural development, the learning event aims to open more doors of engagement that will sustain media interest, coverage and public information dissemination. Furthermore, it will enhance the media role and function of generating information and evidence from results and impact of AMDT work and further drive the AMDT knowledge sharing agenda.

This workshop was a participatory experience, knowledge exchange and discussion forum where both invited participants and hosts engaged in discussions as well as keynote presentations. The purpose of this format was to facilitate an open platform for the media, AMDT and other stakeholders to provide insights on their most feasible ways of collaboration. Each party informed and enlightened the other on their approach and methods of working.

The learning forum was followed by a study field visit to Mkoka village in Kongwa district where AMDT is facilitating a pilot mobile irrigation service provision intervention in partnership with ADDA and other partners. The participants visited a farmer group engaged in sunflower, maize and horticulture farming by mobile irrigation.

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