TASLE: A new era of learning in Tanzania's agricultural sector

TASLE: A new era of learning in Tanzania’s agricultural sector

[Connect. Sustain. Scale Innovations in Agriculture Market Systems]

TASLE agenda in 2023

November 22, 2023 remains on record as the day the first of its kind and potentially the largest learning and knowledge sharing forum in Tanzania’s agriculture sector begins. This is the day AMDT introduced to the sector the Tanzania Agriculture Stakeholders Learning Event (TASLE).

TASLE’s mandate is enshrined in the spirit of learning, connecting, interacting and engaging by actors, partners and stakeholders in the largest economic subsector in Tanzania – Agriculture. This forum will be driven by all partners and actors working and engaging in the agriculture businesses, including public and private sector stakeholders.

TASLE 2023: Connect. Sustain. Scale Innovations in Agriculture Market Systems

“This forum is for us all. It is for learning and sharing knowledge”

Charles Ogutu – Executive Officer, Agricultural Markets Development Trust (AMDT)

The maiden TASLE is being held in the Capital, Dodoma, where up to 120 participants from across the agriculture business spectrum will participate in discussions, keynote presentations and engagement for three days. The Guest of Honour for this TASLE is the Minister of Agriculture of Tanzania, Hon. Hussein Bashe.

This event will involve knowledge, technical and professional exchanges between Tanzanian and Zambian participants. The TASLE 2023 takes place on November 22 to 24, 2023, at the Vizano Hotel.

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