AMDT Work in the Maize Value Chain
AMDT, together with partners, has developed an Intervention Strategy (2016 – 2021) aimed at stimulating systemic changes in a number of areas in the value chain, as outlined below:

Systemic Change Area 1: Enhancing availability and adoption of improved post-harvest technologies and good post-harvest practices.
In this systemic change area, the aim is to support smallholder farmers and processors in reducing:

  • (i) Maize post-harvest losses.
  • (ii) Incidences of aflatoxin (which limit access to markets and pose serious health hazard to consumers) and
  • (iii) Inefficiencies in the marketing of maize products from farmers. Three specific interventions have been proposed:

    • 1. Enhancing availability and adoption of improved post-harvest technologies, in particular: handling, shelling, drying, and storage technologies
    • 2. Enhancing access to and adoption of good post-harvest handling practices (GPHP)
    • 3. Enhancing adoption of and compliance with:
      • (i) maize product, processing, and handling quality standards, and
      • (ii) weights and measures, so as maximize their benefits to farmers from selling their produce

    Systemic Change Area 2: Enhance collaboration and contractual arrangements among value chain actors.
    In this systemic change area, the aim is to enhance collaboration of key actors in the maize value chain by building the capacity of key value chain institutions, addressing the informality in the chain, enhancing access to bundled services that are fit-for-purpose for smallholder farmers and other agricultural MSMEs, and testing and adopting formal contractual arrangements.

    Systemic Change Area 3: Enhancing the Information and Extension System .
    In this systemic change area, the aim is to address sustained access to information and extension services among smallholder men, women and youth farmers. AMDT will partner with the different stakeholders to pilot, test and scale up information and extension delivery models that have the greatest potential to provide broader and sustained access to extension services.

    Systemic Change area 4: Enhancing Strategic Coordination and the business environment for agricultural MSMEs in the value chain.
    The aim of this strategic change area is to enhance the capacity of maize value chain institutions to coordinate and advocate for an improved business environment, as well as enhancing strategic coordination on the sub-sector.


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